Miha Md. Naime Goni

Md. Hasan Khan

Managing Director

It is really a great experience to serve all the ways a winning team like H.K Trading & Engineering Ltd. The Concern is functioning in full throttle for more than four decades. This long route was not all the times smooth and silky for a free – flow moving. But the qualified resource personnel, well efficient support staffs and skilled technicians make the journey enjoyable. Now we can speak loud to make the world know ourselves. And this success goes directly to the people who make belief in us.

Building is tough while it is easy to ruin in a second. We do believe in creation. We are the mainly in the business of building basis structures based on which the nation stands still. The secret of our success in cooperation. We build bridge, you establish communication.

I wish every success of the organization.

Thank you for your confidence and future support of H.K Trading & Engineering Ltd. Please let us know how we can be of assistance for you.